I provide my clients with the confidence, structure and support they need to get the body they want whilst leading a lifestyle they want to lead!

Welcome to Victoria Kain Fitness

Imagine a life where you experience improved body confidence, cultivate new healthy habits, enjoy food flexibility, and achieve your goals with unwavering accountability and support – all without the frustration of lifestyle restrictions. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

I offer personalised fitness and nutrition coaching. My exclusive, high-touch online coaching programme is designed for highly motivated individuals like you who are ready to take on the challenge. No more starting over repeatedly or feeling stuck in a cycle of frustration – it’s time for real, lasting results!

imagine if...

imagine if..

you had a fool-proof system... you could enjoy your favourite foods...  you could lose weight & maintain your results... you finally balanced your hormones...  you had help in the
decision-making process...
you trained smarter... this was the end of ‘starting over’ forever...

At Victoria Kain Fitness I will teach you how to eat and train smarter for life-long results.. without restriction 

Real Women.. Real Results

Real Women
Real Results

I have been where you are now..

As a busy mum, certified personal trainer and nutritionist I have now had the fortune of helping other women just like me get back into incredible shape

My passion, desire  and mission is to empower every day busy women to take back control by creating and applying simple daily health habits that will have long term effects that improve your physique and health and wellbeing

Believe me when I say..

You don't need to

Follow restrictive diets Ban your favourite foods Cut out food groups  Train every day Do daily cardio sessions Say no to socialising with friends Be stuck on the same plan day in day out

Your journey will be clearly mapped out into phases to ensure you are in the driving seat and have complete clarity and understanding  on your destination

As your journey evolves, so too will the framework and structure to your training and nutrition plans

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  • OWN your results today and learn how to take charge of your nutrition and training
  • Understand HOW you can enjoy the foods you love WHILST burning calories
  • Review all variables that make up an actual physical result and learn to navigate hurdles along the way!
  • The simple way to ensure you overcome any plateaus and sustain results achieved!

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