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Ready for a real transformation? No, I'm not talking about the latest fad diet. I'm talking about preparing your body in a way you've never thought of before. Stick around to find out how!

Hi there, lovelies!

I’m super excited to chat with you today about a topic that I come up against week in week out. It's particularly relevant if you have ever found yourself stuck on the weight loss merry-go-round or leaping from one quick fix to another.

So, today, I want to introduce you to a concept I call the “Priming Phase."

It's the diet before the diet—a super important step that will help you set the stage for long-term success.

Now, before we jump into any new diet or fitness journey, it's super important to get our heads in the right place. If you've been on more diets than you can count and you're still not seeing the results stick, then maybe it's time for a fresh approach. Let's ditch the quick fix mentality and instead focus on building sustainable habits that will support your health and happiness for years to come.

You might be wondering, "What's this 'diet before the diet' you're talking about?"

This, my friends, is what I like to call the "priming phase."

It's all about prepping your body and your mind for the changes that lie ahead, ensuring you're ready to start your transformation journey. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup so let’s fill your cup up first!

So, the priming phase is all about laying a solid foundation before diving headfirst into a more intense diet and exercise regime. Think of it as getting your body and mind in tip-top shape to handle the changes ahead with ease.

During this phase, I like to focus on a few important areas:

  1. Stress Management

  2. Establishing Routines

  3. Building Nutritional Habits

  4. Breaking Down Self-Limiting Beliefs

  5. Lifestyle Habits

  6. Building an Initial Baseline of Strength

The goal of the priming phase is all about getting you to a place where you're consistently hitting your nutritional targets, improving your food quality, achieving your movement targets, and feeling well-fuelled and nourished for your workouts. Plus, of course we want to make sure your biofeedback and health markers are in a positive position and your body is fully recovered from any previous diets.

It’s all about preparation—it's your “driver’s education” course to ensure you're ready for the road ahead.

Once you've built a solid foundation during the priming phase, you're ready to move on to Phase 2. This is where we'll get into the nitty-gritty of a more structured diet and exercise plan. But don't worry, you'll be stepping into this phase with confidence, knowing you've set yourself up for success.

How long does this Priming Phase last you ask? Well how long is a piece of string? For some it’s a matter of weeks and others it could be months? But once you get there, you will never look back!

So are you ready to join me on this exciting journey? Let's make some real, lasting changes together!


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